Temple Committees and Programs

Temple Beth Abraham’s committees lead the TBA’s activities and efforts in everything from social action to the synagogue’s grounds, from education to religious practices, from personnel and leadership development to TBA’s relationship with the land of Israel.

This is a list of Temple Beth Abraham’s committees and the current committee chairs and co-chairs:


Adult Education Liz Ross adulted@tba-ny.org
Board of Education Audrey Gelfand boardofed@tba-ny.org
Caring Committee Melissa Baer tbacares@tba-ny.org
Finance and Budget Marc Solomon treasurer@tba-ny.org
Fundraising & Development  Risa Swersey fundraising@tba-ny.org
House Neil Bruckner house@tba-ny.org
Israel Marla Peers israelcommittee@tba-ny.org
Member Services Bernice Rogowitz memberservices@tba-ny.org
Ritual Gordon Swartz (interim) ritual@tba-ny.org
Tikkun Olam Julia Gosset
& Tracy Ostroff

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