Membership Committee

The Membership Committee helps keep us all connected to each other, whether you’re considering joining Temple Beth Abraham or are a current member.

For more information, or to volunteer,  please contact us at:

The COVID-19 epidemic has disrupted our social and work patterns, isolating us from friends and family.   Our clergy and staff had done an amazing job of pivoting to a virtual community, through ZOOM classes and meetings and livestreamed services.  The Membership committee is participating, and our goal is to reach out to everyone in the community, and to offer programs that bring joy, learning and comfort.   

TBA Connects is a network of over 50 volunteers who reached out to all our congregants.  This is a joint effort between the Membership, Tikkun Olam, and the TBA Cares committees, and is fueled by volunteers from across our population-  New members, Chai Plus Members, Board Members, young and old.   Some of these calls are short and sweet, some are sad, some lead to long discussions and new friendships as we reach out to all our members in this stressful time.   We will continue to make periodic calls, especially to our elders and to people in need.  Please send a note to if you’d like to join us in this mitzvah. 

More about the Membership Committee:

Our goal is to create a warm feeling of inclusion and joy, where we are all comfortable being ourselves, together.   Last year, we reached out to potential members at community events, such as the Westchester Jewish Festival and the Irvington Farmers’ Market, and welcomed everyone to Family Services for the High Holydays,  Friday night (Reform) and Saturday morning (Conservative) Shabbat services, festivals, and celebrations for Simchat Torah, Chanukah, and Purim.   This year, with Covid, our outreach will be mostly by social media.   We’re also looking to our members to invite their unaffiliated friends and co-workers to our events, so they can experience our warm and vibrant community first hand.

The Membership committee is also focused on building connections between Temple Beth Abraham members. 

There are lots of opportunities to socialize and learn together.  For example,  our Chavurah program  brings together small groups of congregants and we will launch the summer with a celebration picnic for the whole congregation.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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