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Printable kit:

  • Copy of Rabbi’s March Bulletin Article which introduces this year’s Every1Counts program
  • Label for your tzedakah jar. Print this label out and put it on a jar or container of your choice that you will use to collect a daily donation to count the omer. [This label is formatted for Avery 5664 shipping labels, 3.33″ x 4″, six per page.]
  • Calendar chart of the days of the Omer. Hang this calendar on your refrigerator and cross off each day as you count!
  • Blessings chart (This was reformatted from a booklet. Pages 3, 4, and 5 were the center of the booklet and will work best laid out next to one another so that the first line reads “Today is one day of the Omer…..Ha-yom e-chad la omer…..חיים יותר חמור מעומר” from left to right.)
  • Shopping list (a list of most requested items from the Food Pantry/Food Bank)