High Holyday Sermons

Picture of Rabbi David K. Holtz
Rabbi David K. Holtz

5783/2022 Sermons

RH Morn – Don’t Be Afraid to Change

RH Eve – Eggs and Cheese: A Lesson in Hope

Kol Nidre – What Mozart Knew

YK Morn – Anti-Zionism IS Antisemitism

5782/2021 Sermons

RH Eve – Letting Go of Anger

RH Morn – Hope Is Not Enough

Kol Nidre – The Mountain and the Cliff

YK Morn -Indebtedness, Duty and Profound Concern: The Ojibwe Big Drum Society

5781/2020 Sermons

RH Eve – Redemption and Love

RH Morn – Covid and Unetaneh Tokef

Kol Nidre – The Side Door

YK Morn – Black Lives Matter

5780/2019 Sermons

RH Eve – Seeing the Good

RH Morn – Fighting Anti-Semitism

Kol Nidre – All is Forgiven

YK Morn – On Nearing 60

5779/2018 Sermons

RH Eve – Adam Greenberg at the Bat

RH Morn – A People of Hope

Kol Nidrei – The Power of Love

YK Morn – Loving Israel

5778/2017 Sermons

RH Eve – The Gift of Gratitude

RH Morn – We Are Not Helpless
Thoughts on the Unetane Tokef

Kol Nidre – Greenberg and Koufax

YK Morn – Politics from the Bima

5777/2016 Sermons

RH Eve – The Shofar and the Blessing

RH Morn – Changing the Categories

Kol Nidre – Impatience

YK Morn – Justice vs. Forgiveness

5776/2015 Sermons

RH Eve – Letting Go of Your Baggage

RH Morn – The Responsibilities of Ownership

YK Eve – Forgiveness

YK Morn – Why I Marched

5775/2014 Sermons

RH Eve – We All Have the Power

RH Morn – The Synagogue of the Future

YK Eve – Elijah

YK Morning – Israel

5774/2013 Sermons

RH Eve – Patches, Badges and Medallions

RH Morn – What is the Dream Today?

YK Eve – Permission to Pray with Sinners

YK Morn – Choosing Happiness Over Righteousness

5773/2012 Sermons

Erev RH – Caring More About People Than Things

RH Morn – Lowering Thresholds

YK Eve – The Barriers in Our Path

YK Morning – The Sin of Silence