Tikkun Olam

Tikkun Olam is the social action arm of Temple Beth Abraham. Tikkun Olam, literally means, “to heal the world.” The mission of TBA’s Tikkun Olam team is to inform, engage, and mobilize our members to build a better world. We do this globally and locally, as Jews, as citizens, and as members of the global community. Projects include donating to a local food pantry, bringing food and supplies to homeless people in NYC, helping to rebuilding communities hit by natural disasters, and coming together to perform mitzvot. We hope, with these and other acts of Tikkun Olam, we can help make the world a better place.

The co-chairs of the Tikkun Olam team are Julia Gosset and Tracy Ostroff.  You may reach them at tikkunolam@tba-ny.org.

Join Us!

We meet about once every-other month and we are looking to plan a Zoom meeting soon.

Tikkun Olam would like to help you make your idea happen!

Next Mitzvah Day is…Now!
Ways to Volunteer As You Stay Safe at Home

At Temple Beth Abraham
  • Check in on loved ones. The TBA Connects team is more than 40 strong and has been making calls to all the members of the Congregation, with extra focus on seniors and those who are socially isolated. To join the TBA Connects team, please send an email to TikkunOlam@tba-ny.org.
  • Help TBA Seniors and Others Get Online. Direct them to click on the link to “Here’s What’s Happening Online,” in the weekly TBA email and this will bring users to the Zoom links for TBA programs like Torah Study and Book Club. Rabbi David also gave us guidance on how to talk people through the process of accessing the LiveStream for services.
    • Open your web browser (probably Internet Explorer or Safari, but maybe Google Chrome)
    • In the address bar at the top of the page, type: www.tba-ny.org, and then press the Enter key or click “Go.”
    •  On the upper left of the screen, you will see a picture of the sanctuary, with the words, “Watch our services live.” Click on the picture. This will take you to the page that shows our services when they are streaming.
    • You will see a video box that says “StreamSpot,” and which has a triangle in the middle. Click the triangle and you should now see the service. (IF you get the message “TBA is not broadcasting right now,” please check that you have the correct service time!)
    • If you are having difficulty hearing us, please make sure that your computer volume is on and fully turned up.
  • Invite a Guest to Your Virtual Seder. Many people are suddenly looking for a Seder to join. If you are hosting a virtual Seder and would welcome other TBA members please send the link or other info to rabbi@tba-ny.org, so the Rabbi can connect them with you.
Providing Masks and Other Protective Gear and New York State Governor Requests
HoH Mask Project. Volunteers who can sew cloth masks or donate fabric are needed now. The HoH Mask Project has organized in response to urgent requests from local medical centers for cloth masks to cover and extend the life of N95 masks, or for those without masks. Other volunteers who can drive and who are willing to handle distribution of masks or supplies are also welcome. Volunteers should register with the Facebook group @HoH Mask project. The group has outstanding urgent request from local medical centers for more than 800 masks for this week alone. Read more about the group in the NYT article here and connect with the HoH Mask project on Facebook here.
Protective Personal Gear. From the westchester.gov website. New York State has a critical need for Personal Protective Equipment, including masks, gowns, and gloves. The state is asking companies to be creative to supply the crucial gear our healthcare workers need. creative to supply the crucial gear our healthcare workers need. Need funding? Call (212) 803-3110, or if you have unused supplies call  (646) 522-8477, or send an e-mail to COVID19supplies@exec.ny.gov.
The State of New York. The New York State Website is a hub for information about the virus and also offers many ways to assist the state government in combating the virus. Click here for more information to see how you can get involved and how you can help.
Opportunities for Adults, Teens, and Families
UJA Federation of New York. Volunteer from home by virtually connecting with those in need. There is a link to many opportunities for families and adults, as well as for school children who may be need volunteer hours. Click here for opportunities.
UJA Federation Teen Tutoring. Online tutoring help can benefit those adjusting to school at home and connects to teen volunteers who can tutor in different subjects. Click here for more information.
DOROT. Register here for DOROT’s new Caring Calls program and form a phone connection with an older adult. (In-person visits have been suspended, for now.) For volunteers ages 18 and up.
Volunteer New York!. This page (click here and then scroll down) features many volunteer opportunities for families and adults, like card-writing initiatives, art projects, and mask-making instructions. It also lists ways to help in the community including at food banks and meal delivery services.
Repair the World. This Passover, click here to connect the holiday from past to present with virtual volunteer opportunities and other resources while social distancing.
Feeding Westchester. The organization is not accepting donated good now, but your monetary donation will be used to source and safely distribute food to the food insecure in Westchester. (Click here to donate and here to watch a News12 feature on the organization.)
The Community Food Pantry of Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown. The community food pantry Is also accepting donations.
The Rotary Club: The organization is helping to support the Meal Train Plus at Phelps Hospital by ordering meals from local restaurants. This also supports local businesses, while providing nourishing, comforting food to front-line care givers.
Donate Blood
While current needs are being met, the Red Cross and the New York Blood Bank are urging donors to keep appointments to ensure a steady supply during the during this time.
Online – Be informed!
ADL: Fighting hate from Home. The series this week will focus on online games: how gaming can foster positive social experiences for people of all ages during this time of social isolation; how you and your family may be exposed to hate and harrassment, and smart safety practices you can use. Click here to register.

TBA Cares

TBA Cares provides meals for congregants who have lost loved ones. Volunteers stand ready to help set up or clean up at shiva, to shop for someone who is ill or recovering from surgery, or to provide a congregant a ride to or from a doctor appointment or the synagogue for an event or services.  Contact tbacares@tba-ny.org if you need assistance or if you wish to volunteer.

Are you passionate about a cause? Please email us at TikkunOlam@tba-ny.org.

– Tracy Ostroff and Julia Gosset, Tikkun Olam co-chairs


Thank You for Lighting One Candle—or more!

Thanks to the generosity of so many Temple members, we were able to help the families of La Asociación redeem $25.00 gifts certificates for 120 children at A Nu Toy Store in Tarrytown. Your $20.00 donations, plus $5.00 from each La Asociación family helped make this a special holiday for many of our neighbors in Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown. (Here’s a special shoutout to the TBA children who donated their own money to ensure another child enjoys the holidays!) The organizers and families are grateful for your thoughtfulness.

The group Asociación de Familias Hispanas de Los Tarrytowns recently honored Temple Beth Abraham at its annual holiday dinner. Rabbi Holtz accepted the award on behalf of our Congregation.

Thanks also to all those who donated supplies; to Becca G., Aiden L., and Julie L. for helping to wrap presents during the family shopping days; and to Melissa B., Stephanie P., Loren R., and Andrea W. for all their help and support for this program.

TBA members Julie and Aiden Last, left, and 7th Grader Becca Gosset, middle, wrapping presents for the families of La Asociación on Monday, December 16, in Tarrytown at A Nu Toy Store.

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