Youth Engagement

From Stessa Peers, Director of Youth Engagement:

2020-2021 has been an incredible year for our four youth groups, ZEETY, ZEETY678, ZEETYTeeny, and ZEETYKatan. Kindergarteners through High School Seniors had the space to meet virtually and continue to forge community, even in such uncertain times. I am so proud of each of our Youth Grouper’s continued commitment to their Judaism, and to our programs.

This year, we held more events than we have ever held before! We held over 80 events this year, from teen High Holyday programming (along with our Children’s Services), to Chanukah Micrography, to a TBA version of Among Us, to a Virtual Purim Event that was a lot of fun (and raised money for our Youth Fund, with special thanks to the Fran Friedman Fund), and Shavout Paper Cutting. Most importantly, we were a Kehila Kedosha, a holy community, and we found we could have fun together, learn from each other, and share experiences that we otherwise would not have been able to have this year.

This year, we were also able to bring more to our Hebrew High School. Through the Jewish Education Project, we received a micro grant to bring three speakers to our 7th and 8th grade classes, where students have spent the year learning about diversity, racism, and Judaism. All year, the 7th- and 8th-grades have been learning about diversity in Judaism and racial justice with Morah Marla, Rabbi Justin, and me. On three Monday evenings, the 7th- and 8th-graders met together to learn from three incredible Jewish Women of Color: Kelly Whitehead, Arielle Korman, and our own Director of Education, Yanira Quinones. Each speaker brought their own life experiences and work into our talks, which helped deepen the understanding of what we learned. We were incredibly privileged that
we had the opportunity to hear from three Jewish professionals, who are Jews of Color, and learn from them. It broadened our understanding and allowed us to get personal. It helped us see that we are part of a community that is responsible for doing our part to embrace each other and embrace our, and everyone’s, whole selves.

To learn more about each of our speakers:
Kelly Whitehead
Arielle Korman
Yanira Quinones
This speaker series was made possible with a grant from The Jewish Education Project®. The Jewish Education Project is the only organization that works across the New York Jewish community across denominations and institutional settings, to help educators develop new, innovative ways to engage and educate Jewish kids, teens, and families.



To receive more information Youth Programming or any of our hangouts, please reach out to our Director of Youth Engagement, Stessa Peers, at or schedule a meeting at:

Youth Engagement at TBA includes many exciting programs and events for our k-12th graders! We provide exciting activities for students in grades kindergarten through twelve. Participants are involved in social, cultural, leadership, social action, and religious experiences. Our middle and high school students develop a love of Judaism and long-lasting friendships, both within our own youth group and in the NFTY (North American Federation of Temple Youth) community.

Programming includes ZEETYkatan (grades kindergarden-2), ZEETYteeny (grades 3-5), Junior Youth Group (JYG) (grades 6-8), Senior Youth Group (ZEETY) (grades 9-12) events, and activities where both groups participate. Our youth groupers engage in activities at our temple and temples throughout our area. There are opportunities for weekend kallah events, where teens travel to various locations with other NFTY youth groups from the region.

Check out the individual sections below to learn about our Youth Groups, our Madrichim Program, Moving Traditions, Find Your Summer, and more!

Our Director of Youth Engagement is Stessa Peers.  She may be reached at

Youth Groups: ZEETY (Senior Youth Group for 9th-12th graders)

ZEETY, The Place to Be!

Temple Beth Abraham’s Senior Youth Group (ZEETY) is for our 9th-12th graders. ZEETY provides opportunities for teens to participate in fun activities (including shul-ins at TBA!), volunteer, form lasting friendships, and develop leadership skills; all through a Jewish lens! 

ZEETY is affiliated with NFTY (North American Federation of Temple Youth) and NFTY-NAR (North American Region). NFTY events (like Fall, Winter, and Spring Kallah weekend retreats) are part of the ZEETY calendar. 

Interested in a leadership role? Join our ZEETY Board!

ZEEBO: ZEETY Executive Board

Join ZEEBO today!

Want to be more involved at TBA and with our youth groups?
Join ZEEBO: ZEETY’s executive board!

We hold monthly meetings where we plan and execute programs for grades K-12! We still need a few teens to fill out our board, so if you are interested please reach out! We also accept Standing Board Members (SBO) for teens who would like to attend some meetings but cannot be heavily involved.

Our current board:
President: Bella Greenspoon
Programming Vice President: Ian Ostroff
Social Justice Vice President: Sami Wilson
Membership VP: Ryan Gosset

Youth Groups: JYG (Junior Youth Group for 6th-8th graders)

Home for our 6th, 7th and 8th graders!

Temple Beth Abraham’s Junior Youth Group (JYG) is for our 6th-8th graders. JYG provides opportunities for tweens and teens to participate in fun, Jewish centered, activities (including a shul-in at TBA!), throughout the year! 

JYG is affiliated with NFTY (North American Federation of Temple Youth) and NFTY-NAR (North American Region). We participate in events with other synagogues for our 689 (NFTY’s Junior Group for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders) programming, as well as the 678 retreat! 


ZEETYteeny:  Home to our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders!

ZEETYteeny provides opportunities for our younger grades to participate in fun, Jewish centered, activities (including a shul-in at TBA!), throughout the year! 

Youth Groups: ZEETYkatan (Youth Group for k-2nd graders)

Our Newest Youth Group!

ZEETYkatan is Temple Beth Abraham’s youth group for our k-2nd graders. ZEETYkatan is a ‘taste of youth group’ and gives our youngest students an idea of the fun that they will have in our upper youth groups! 

Madrichim Program

Become a Madrich or Madricha today!

Want to be more involved at TBA? Enjoy working with children? Be one of TBA’s Madrichim!

We recently launched a more interactive Madrichim program that will be much more than just coming to school on Sundays. Through an orientation, a workshop, and a shorter meeting, teens will work with the Madrichim Coordinator and their teacher to develop their skills as teen aides. 

Not only does this count as community service hours, but is a way to gain and strengthen skills, build your resume, and being more engaged at Temple Beth Abraham!

For more information about any of these programs, email Stessa Peers at is the place for Jewish teens to discover summer experiences as unique as they are.

Teens and their families can use the site to search among more than 350 programs that appeal to different passions, interests, and backgrounds. From specialty programs focused on surfing and the arts, to social action projects and international travel opportunities, and so many more, there’s a perfect experience for every Jewish teen. is jointly funded by UJA-Federation of New York and the Jim Joseph Foundation, and operated by The Jewish Education Project. Together, we’re working to bring fun and meaningful summer experiences to more Jewish teens.

Our Director of Youth Engagement, Stessa Peers, is a Find Your Summer Ambassador! Contact her today at for more information about the FYS program and find the best fit for you or your teen today!