Pledge for 2016/2017 Annual Operations

Last year, Temple Beth Abraham transitioned from funding our annual operations based on assessed membership dues to a system based on voluntary contributions from its members. Our first year has been very successful. In fact, our current projection is that we will collect more in voluntary contributions this year than we did the prior year in member dues. Of the members who participated in the pledge process last year, 88% gave at or above what they gave the prior year. We are a brave, generous, forward‐thinking congregation ‐ and we are off to a great start.

Our continued success is dependent on keeping up this level of enthusiasm, so once again, we are asking you to decide what your commitment will be for the next fiscal year, in keeping with your needs, expectations, and circumstances.

While we are still early in our annual budget process, we expect that our expenses will increase between 2.5% – 4% next year and would ask you to consider a similar increase in your level of giving. For those with students in our religious school, please take into consideration that we are likely looking at a tuition increase of between 5% and 7.5%.

The below pledge form suggests a “sustainable amount.” This amount, which has increased by $100 to $3,600, has been determined by our finance committee, and is the amount that we would need a substantial number of our members to reach or exceed in order for us to meet our goal. You are not obligated to give the sustainable amount. We would be delighted and enormously grateful if you commit to give this year what you have given in the past. To guide your decision, here is an explanation of this year’s budget with some notes on current performance.

We are a community responsible to and for each other, and one that sustains itself through the generosity of our members. A vibrant TBA is a cornerstone for that community, and I hope you are willing to make that investment in us. We appreciate your support and are glad that you choose to be a part of the Temple Beth Abraham family. We are a better place because of that choice. Your commitment and participation makes us a more vibrant place. Additionally, your continued financial support is what allows us to keep our doors open, our lights on, the Rabbi and Cantor available to guide and inspire us, and our sanctuaries havens for worship and celebration.

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  • In addition to [My/Our] Membership Commitment above, [I/We] would like to make an additional donation this year to:

    Join our Clergy and fellow congregants in donating a dime-per-day to ARZA, the Reform movement's vehicle for promoting pluralism and equal representation for Reform Jews in Israel and abroad. ARZA combats intolerance and fundamentalism, while educating and supporting Reform communities around the world.
    Donations to this Fund support improvement and maintenance to our sacred spaces.
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