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OneHope Wines

ONEHOPE Wines Holiday bottles
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ONEHOPE is a charity based Napa Valley wine company that gives back with every purchase.
10% of all purchases by Latkepalooza shoppers using the link above will be donated to Temple Beth Abraham!
Our cornerstone product is ONEHOPE Wine produced in collaboration with Robert Mondavi, Jr. and every bottle makes an impact. A portion of sales from every bottle benefits a variety of charities supporting causes such as Cancer Research, Meals for Hungry Children, Pet Adoptions and more. We have gifted over $5.7M to our cause partners and you can see our impact here:

Eight of our wines have been awarded 90+ points from Wine Enthusiast and other California based wine competitions. Not only are you giving back when you purchase our products, you are drinking amazing wine! I am part of the ONEHOPE Cause Entrepreneur community that brings private wine tastings into the home or office setting with 10% of wine sales benefiting a nonprofit or school of the host’s choice when a tasting hits $500.

ONEHOPE’s Corporate Gifting program offers companies the opportunity to give back all year long with personalized branded gifts for customers or as recognition to employees. Clients will love receiving any of our amazing gift items and enjoy knowing they give back and make an impact! As with party or event sales, 10% of your gift purchases can benefit a nonprofit or school of your choice.
We have many, many choices of fabulous gifts starting at $49 and up! Whatever your gifting needs, I am here to make it simple and easy for you as we take care of everything from placing the order to shipping!

A. Strongwater Designs

A Strongwater Designs cover photo
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A. Strongwater Designs is offering special deals for Latkepalooza shoppers:
Buy three tea towels and pay only $39 (regular price is $45)
Free shipping!
Art classes are 50% off your first lesson!

Andrea Strongwater has been an artist since the day she could hold a pencil and brush. Her first collected piece, saved by a friend’s mother, was a painting done in nursery school illustrating life for orphans in another country. Making art for others to enjoy and understand has always been Andrea’s goal. For her each piece needs to be beautiful and have a meaning even when the message is as straight forward as, “This gorgeous blue makes me happy!”

Click on the picture for a review of Andrea’s painting classes.

Andrea was born and currently lives in New York City. She has also lived and studied in France and Old San Juan Puerto Rico. Her work includes costumes and sets for theater and dance, clothing and textile design, book illustration, surface patterns for home products, jigsaw puzzles, greeting cards and other stationary products, mosaics, wall décor and prints, shopping bags and many other individual products and visual projects. Her embroidery work has been used to create teaching programs in Afghanistan and her large collection of Judaica is used in various forms to teach history.

Andrea loves new projects turning each one into an appealing item that touches people.


mermadebrooklynny shop
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Meredith Siegel was made in Brooklyn, New York. She began her career as an actress with stops along the way as a teacher, photo editor and mother – her most favorite role. She has always had an interest in art, fashion, and home design.
She grew up inspired by the work of her mother, Robin, who was a painter, masterful knitter and embroiderer, and who always encouraged her to see the flowers.

There are so many ways you can own a mermade original work! Obviously, you can purchase any items I have in stock, including pillows, tea towels, pouches, sachets, pillow cases, aprons, baby bibs, and onesies. I am always adding new designs and products (if you see something you like and it is out of stock, or like something I post on Instagram, I can likely reproduce it).
But wait— and here is the fun part— you can also order any number of custom items, and even here there are choices and options—YAY! You can tell me you want a pillow/tea towel/pouch/ pillowcase/baby bib with a name, saying, or a favorite design/color scheme and I will make it for you! Almost anything is possible(no obscenity and, at my discretion, some restrictions may apply)

Another great thing is to order a sweatshirt from your university or school store and have it sent to me. When it arrives, I will embellish it and send it straight to you. Likewise, you can send me your favorite jeans, jeans shorts, denim jacket, or well-loved sweatshirt and I will embellish and send it back! Everything is made with love and attention to detail so you get the most special and personalized piece of work ever.

Moshe Monzon Gallery

Moshe Monzon Gallery
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Moshe Monzon is offering a special discount for Latkepalooza shoppers:
Use coupon code “TempleBA” for a 5% discount, free shipping
and a free gift with every purchase over $100. (Value of gift is $10)


Moshe Monzon is a Graduate of the Shenkar College of Art , Fashion and Artistic Textile Design. For over 20 years, Moshe has been devoted making tapestries, Judaica, blessings, giclee, paintings, jewelry and more. His works have been displayed all over the world.

Moshe Monzon has been carrying on his family’s 500+ year artistic tradition in a new and original way. Each tapestry is entirely hand-made of synthetic materials. The felt and colorfast dyes in 300 colors are all locally produced in Israel. Employing an exclusive collage/tissage (weaving) technique, the artist places individual strips of felt atop one another, by hand, processing the tapestry with a special loom. This combination of artistic creativity, skilled craftsmanship and advanced technology results in a colorful, one of a kind, signed artistic masterpiece. The unique tapestries of Moshe Monzon reflect the stately elegance of the Mediterranean landscape and the contemporary sophistication of modern abstract art. Monzon’s original creations reveal the shattering brillliance of the Judean desert, the rich and vivid hues of sunset over the Jerusalem hills, the cool blues of mountain streams and the deep earth tones and verdant foliage of Israel’s lush, fertile soil. His designs are at once both classical and contemporary, harmonizing perfectly with any decorating scheme or art collection.

Monzon’s tapestries will interest not only art collectors and connoisseurs but also interior decorators. Tapestries may be commissioned in any size, suiting office buildings, banks, Synagogues, schools and other major institutions, as well as galleries and private homes. Unlike other tapestries, the Monzon creations are especially light, flat and versatile, and may be bonded to curved surfaces using adhesive materials. The tapestries come ready to hang with wood strips. There are not two tapestries alike, each piece is original.

Origami Owl

Sandy Daly Origami Owl
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Each piece of Origami Owl Jewelry is thoughtfully designed and created with meaning to mix + match, capturing every story and style. Build a customized look for yourself or as a gift to spread love and kindness. LIVING LOCKETS® are customizable keepsakes with charms that capture every story.

Meaningful gifts for everyone on your list! Customize a one-of-a-kind gift your way or choose a pre-made set.

If you’re a natural hostess and love shopping, you’ll love being an Origami Owl® Hostess! Hold your very own Jewelry Bar®, where you can mix and mingle with friends and family, while sharing your personal story through stylish, customizable jewelry. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to earn a free shopping spree, discounts on jewelry and exclusive items just for you! Contact me to host your own Jewelry Bar.

The Blue Olive Shop

The Blue Olive Shop Logo
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Use special discount code: TBA for 15% off purchases between Wednesday, December 2 and Friday, December 18.

The Blue Olive is a family-owned olive oil and vinegar tasting room located in the villages of Pawling and Cold Spring, New York. We aim to bring to the Hudson Valley an array of the purest vinegars and extra virgin olive oils from around the world. In Europe, where a great deal of our Northern Hemisphere extra virgin varietals are grown and crushed, extra virgin olive oil is a culinary staple. It completes almost every traditional Italian, Greek and Spanish dish and elates the palettes of those enjoying the bold and flavorful meals created with this healthful Mediterranean necessity. As well, our Southern Hemisphere olive oil varietals display amazing quality, and are certainly on par with their Northern counterparts.

At The Blue Olive, we aim to bring the olive oil and vinegar tasting experience to you in the only way we know how – authentically, honestly and purely. We only source our oils and vinegars from the most reputable growers and mills, and rotate our oils from Northern and Southern Hemispheres twice a year to ensure optimal freshness. Moreover, all of our Ultra Premium, infused and fused oils are certified by The Orthodox Union as Kosher.
In addition to our extra virgin olive oil varieties offered from around the world, we offer fused and infused olive oils as well. This means that the flavors you taste within the olive oil come directly from the fruit, vegetable or herb itself – all naturally infused with no artificial substitutes.

All of our fused, infused and pure extra virgin olive oils are lab-tested for polyphenol counts (antioxidants), oleic acid counts (omega-9 fatty acids), FFAs (free fatty acids), as well as other purity markers, which ensure you’re getting the most healthful and purest of products.
Our dark balsamic vinegars are aged for up to 18 years in chestnut, oak, mulberry and ash barrels. Like our bright and tangy white balsamic vinegars, they too are free from unnatural and unnecessary additives so that you can taste the purity of the vinegar itself. We also offer wine vinegars crafted from wine in regions renowned for the finest grape production.
To enhance your tasting experience, we also offer infused sea salts and other gourmet items to complement the wonderful complexities of our olive oil and vinegar products.

Why The Blue Olive, you ask? Because taste should be an experience. From pressing to bottle, the superiority of our olive oils and vinegars goes beyond the ordinary to take you on an extraordinary tasting journey. In a world of mediocrity, The Blue Olive is the exception.
We invite you to come in and taste these quality products that set us apart from the rest.

Karla Gudeon Art & Design

Karla Gudeon Logo
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Be an Original, Own an Original

Use the code TBALATKES for 20% off, One-time use, One per Customer

The Story
Welcome to the KGA&D Community! While Karla is the artist behind the work, you are the one that gives the art meaning and a forever home. The artwork you live with tells a story about who you are. By choosing an original work of art from Karla Gudeon Art & Design, you are saying “YES!” to contemporary, inclusive, and beautiful images. Karla’s art speaks volumes about who you are to all who enter your home.

Karla likes to think she and her collectors are Beshert (Meant to Be). She bonds with her customers because they are absolute originals! They recognize the value in owning something made by hand, and the way art enriches a home like nothing else can.

The Back-Story
Once upon a time, Karla left a teaching career to pursue her art full-time. She was determined to set an example for her young children when telling them they should grow up to pursue their passions. Upon buying a printing press, Karla developed her distinctive approach to the age-old technique of hand-colored engraving, building upon the watercolor work she honed at Parsons School of Design. Based in New York, Karla’s celebrated paintings are displayed in galleries and distinguished collections throughout the country and abroad. Her images have been commissioned for book covers, editorial design, stationery goods, digital media, award winning children’s books, and private collections.

At Karla Gudeon Art & Design we create universal imagery that resonate with customers who appreciate positive messages and stellar handmade goods and Judaica executed with impeccable quality and style. Our tag line, “Be an Original, Own and Original,” speaks volumes about the unique artwork we create for people who embrace their own shining light in their home and themselves. We will always produce inclusive contemporary images that promote positivity and social justice, while reveling in our diversity and reminding our community of the common threads between divergent cultures and religions. We find beauty in using art as a positive voice for the way we all thrive when experiencing a shared humanity through the beauty of art.

Tallit by Ina Bearak Helfand

Tallit by Ina Bearak Helfand Composite picture
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Buying a Bar and Bat Mitzvah child a special tallit is something many families will do. Some try to match color and fabrics to what the guest of honor is wearing or even to their celebration theme.

Tallit by Ina Bearak Helfand specializes in custom tallit and works with each family on choice of style, color and fabric fashioned to your personal taste.

Made from the finest silks, wools as well as other exotic fabrics found from all over the world, Ina loves designing a tallit with a person’s interests and fabrics of loved ones or where their personality comes through.

Did you know that the tallit is the only “accessory” mentioned in the Torah?

Ina also has chuppot (wedding canopies) available for purchase or rental. Send her an email to inquire about what she has in inventory or about custom-made tallit!

Liz Photo: Liz Hartzman Photography

Liz Photo Logo
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Based in New Rochelle, NY and New York City, Liz has been shooting professionally for over 20 years, but only recently began focusing on children’s photography specifically since 2005, after giving birth to her first child, Lela Ruth. Needless to say, photos of Lela are in no shortage. After the birth of her second and final child, Scarlett in 2008, Liz has settled into focusing on photography of children’s milestones: Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and Sweet 16s.

Under her maiden name, Steger, Liz built her career on food photography and still life. Her subjects have included New York’s finest eating establishments and chefs, including Jean George, The Brasserie, and the restaurants at the Waldorf Astoria. Larry King, Marc Anthony, and the Duke of Edinbourgh have also posed for Liz’s lens.
Liz’s recent mouth-watering cookbook, Sweet Serendipity, 60th Anniversary Edition Published September 2014, include a delectable array of photographs that accentuates her diverse talent as a photographer. Previous titles include Serendipity Parties, Serendipity Sundaes (Rizzoli) is the follow-up to the hugely successful Sweet Serendipity: Delicious Desserts and Devilish Dish. All three books have been featured on Good Morning America, The Opera Winfrey Show, Fox News and many other TV and publications. She switched gears from delicacies to oddities in Found on eBay: 101 Genuinely Bizarre Items From the World’s Online Yard Sale (Universe), written by her husband, Marc. Liz also provided the photography for the popular guide book, Avant Guide New York (Empire). Liz lives her with husband, daughters, bearded dragon, and two cats.