Israel Committee

The Mission of Temple Beth Abraham’s Israel Committee is to foster a connection to, and love of, Eretz Yisrael and Medinat Yisrael: the land of Israel and the independent, democratic State of Israel. The committee promotes the State of Israel as a vital component of our identity as American Jews and advocates for the civil and religious rights of all of its citizens.

The goals of the Israel Committee are to foster a connection to, and love of, Israel through:
• educational programs;
• religious school education and life-long learning programming;
• cultural programs;
• travel to Israel;
• promotion of ARZA membership;
• support of Israeli companies and merchants.

The chair of the Israel Committee is Marla Peers,

SUNDAY, APRIL 29 12:00pm

Israel is turning 70! Celebrate this special milestone with a fun program at TBA that chronicles the evolution of Israeli music throughout the history of the Jewish state. What was Israel’s #1 song from 20, 50, or even 70 years ago? You’ll learn how music has influenced Israeli society and how Israeli society has influenced music!

Join Mairov Dubrovsky and Josh Shron from the Israel Hour on this musical journey.

Lunch will be provided, followed by the program

To register go to

Donations are gratefully accepted to help defray the cost of brunch and to help us plan more Israel programming. Please see us at the event to donate, or

” Shekelvestors”



The Club will establish new connections between our community and the State of Israel through research and investment in Israeli companies.


And we’ll try to make a few “shekels” for Club members as well!

Club is open to new members and meets monthly on the second Wednesday of the month.

email: if you are interested in participating or to request more information.

 The Celebrate Israel Parade is June 4, 2018.  

Join us as we Celebrate Israel!

To view our group in a past parade, click here.  Our group appears around 17:10