Chavurah Program

2012-02-05 Chavurah bowlingChai Chavurah

Are you looking for community?

A chavurah at TBA is a group of Temple members with common interests and/or demographics arranged into groups of 5-9 families. They get together about once a month on their own schedule for activities in or outside of the Temple which are of interest to them.

The Chavurah Program is available to all members of Temple Beth Abraham and provides a wonderful way to get to know others and to build lasting friendships with fellow synagogue members.
It is one of the many ways to enhance your experience as a temple member.

Chavurah, is Hebrew for “fellowship.”  A Chavurah at TBA, is a group of individuals or families who are grouped by common interests that get together socially.  Groups generally meet monthly and organize gatherings or events at each other’s homes or other locations.  TBA has had groups of Chavurot (plural for Chavurah) meeting informally since 2012.  We are looking to form new groups or add to some of the existing groups if space permits within those groups.
Click here ​​​​​​​for the brochure to learn more.

Click here for an application if you’re interested in joining the program.  Once we have collected applications we will begin forming groups and we hope to have groups assembled by Chanukah this year.
If you have any questions feel free to reach out to

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