High Holydays

2024/5785 High Holyday services
will be Multi-Access

Multi-access services are both in-person and available online.


Services are conducted in both the Reform tradition and the Conservative tradition. At TBA, we know that there are many ways to express one’s Judaism. There are also different ways to worship and celebrate. We offer a variety of prayer services and holiday programs designed to encourage our members to experiment and stretch. We not only have services that speak to adults on their level, but also services aimed at toddlers and school-age children.

We invite everyone to join us at our High Holyday services.
We have a variety of worship experiences and services
for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and the intervening days

It is our hope that these High Holydays strengthen our community and provide meaning as we reflect on the year past and the one to come. In the spirit of the Holyday season and to support Temple Beth Abraham’s full array of services and programs – now and throughout the year – we encourage everyone who joins us at the High Holydays to make a contribution.
Thank you and Shana Tova!

  • Rosh Hashanah begins October 2, 2024 at sundown and it concludes at nightfall on October 4, 2024.
  • Yom Kippur begins at sunset on October 11, 2024 (the evening service begins with Kol Nidre) and ends at nightfall on October 12, 2024.

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