Laundry Day and Blessings

Nestled in the Berkshires at Camp Eisner, our teen, Benjy, learned tons: archery and martial arts, tennis, photography, guitar, and pottery.  He has lived with friends, biking, hiking, swimming, dining, camping out, immersed in Jewish communal spirit 24/7.   For inspiring sights and sounds, check out

Benjy also helped lead a Shabbat service in an amazing outdoor sanctuary, volunteering to chant a verse of Torah.   We are proud that he developed these skills at our Temple Beth Abraham from dedicated clergy and teachers.  Even more thrilled that, in an era where folks lament ‘teaching to the test,’ our students have a deep understanding of what they are doing.  They have skills they can call on and thus, they can be called upon to lead.  What skills or values have you or your family gained as a result of being part of a Jewish community?


Author: Jenpovman