Shabbat Greetings from Pamela Barkley – December 21

It’s time to take a collective breath.

So far, it has been a pretty crazy fall/winter for all of us with hurricanes, both natural and man-made, wreaking havoc on our emotions.  Everything has seemed a little harder than usual, a little more challenging.  No sooner did we bounce back from one thing, did another tragedy strike.

But vacation week is upon us. This is a chance for all of us to stop, take a little break and recharge. It is a time where we can just take a long, deep breath. I truly hope you all can see this week as the gift that it is. If ever there was a need for a little space, a little R&R, a little respite, this is it! Take the time between now and New Year’s to reconnect – with your loved ones, with your friends, with your inner self.

The Hebrew word for breath is “Neshema”. This is from the same root as the word for soul, “Neshahmah.” May the breaths you take over the next week rejuvenate your soul so that you can approach 2013 refreshed and restored!

Author: Melissa