Rosh Hashanah Food Delivery for Home-Bound Seniors

I just signed up for a wonderful program sponsored by DOROT to provide New Year’s goodies for home-bound seniors. It’s one of those win-win programs for everyone involved, and we’re so lucky that our Tikkun Olam team at Temple Beth Abraham is organizing it for us!

Here’s how it works. You have to pre-register online here by September 4.  On Sept. 9 come to temple at 10 am to make a gift bag filled with yummy stuff DOROT provides, attend a very brief (about 15 minutes) orientation session, and then deliver the package and spend 1/2 hour – hour visiting with a senior.

Honestly, what could be better to do on a Sunday with your family than this? Please sign up now and help us meet our goal of visiting 60 seniors on Sunday September 9th! I


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