Shabbat Greetings from Pamela Barkley – August 31

9 Days.

That is what remains between reading this post, and the start of another year of Religious School. Just a few weeks ago when were at a luxurious 44 days, I urged you all to see the midpoint of the summer as a call to action. A reminder to get those lists of “Things I’m going to accomplish this Summer,” accomplished.

But we are way past the midpoint folks. We are at the bitter end of what may or have not seemed like a long summer to you. But make no mistake, the fat lady has sung and it is OVER.

So with the few precious days you have left I am going to remind you to consciously, intentionally, deliberately take in those last few wisps of summer. Breathe in the sunshine. Take mental snapshots – or real ones – of your beautiful garden or the green grass. Go indulge in the tastes of summer – get a double scoop ice-cream cone and lick up every sticky drop. Lay on a hammock, a park bench, or a beach blanket and look up at the sky. Allow yourself one more lazy afternoon filled with the sweetness of doing nothing.

And then find your own way – privately or with a family member or friend – to bless the moment. This can be the words of blessings you know like the Shehechyanu or words made up entirely of your own heart. Judaism has a long tradition of marking important moments in our lives. We not only mark special occasions, but each week we mark the moment of transition from Shabbat and its holiness, to the rest of the regular week .  The transition from summer to fall, from no school to school, from relaxed to hectic, is certainly an occasion worth marking in some concrete way. Take 60 seconds and make up your very own prayer to do so.

I hope you spend the next 9 days relishing in the last bits of summer!

Pamela Barkley, Director of Education

Author: Melissa