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In past years, TBA has facilitated food and tzedakah (charitable contributions) collections to mark each day of the Omer. If you wish to participate in this manner, here are links to items you may print at home to assist you:

  • Copy of Rabbi’s March 2023 Bulletin Article which introduces the Every1Counts program
  • Label for your tzedakah jar. Print this label out and put it on a jar or container of your choice that you will use to collect a daily donation to count the omer. [This label is formatted for Avery 5664 shipping labels, 3.33″ x 4″, six per page.]
  • Blessings chart (This was reformatted from a booklet. Pages 3, 4, and 5 were the center of the booklet and will work best laid out next to one another so that the first line reads “Today is one day of the Omer…..Ha-yom e-chad la omer…..חיים יותר חמור מעומר” from left to right.)
  • Shopping list (a list of most requested items from the Food Pantry/Food Bank)

Other resources for Counting the Omer:

Omer Calendar (website)

This Omer calendar is provided by Hebcal (pronounced HEEB-kal, as in Hebrew calendar) is a free Jewish calendar and holiday web site.

Description of the Sefirot (Spheres) of divine energy (blog)

Counting the Omer, Netzach Sheh b’Netzach By Dan Yolles