Shabbat Greetings from Pamela Barkley – January 4

pam barkleySo how did it feel to take that much-needed breath?

Just before the winter break, I wrote here that the time between Christmas and New Year’s was a gift. Given the anxiety that plagued many of us throughout the late fall and early winter, this vacation period was a chance to recoup and recharge. Did you remember to breathe in and exhale slowly? Did you take time to connect with others? Did you find a way to hit your personal reset button?

I hope so. Because ready-or-not, here the new year comes! 2013 is officially underway and with it, the daily grind begins again. Carpools, making dinner, doing homework, taking out the garbage, making doctors appointments, laundry……it’s all back and ready to overwhelm us if we let it. And maybe that’s the key – not letting it overwhelm.  How can we remember to take breaths on a more consistent basis throughout the year – not just during vacation periods?  How can we make sure that all the logistics of our lives don’t prevent us from actually enjoying our lives? I think it starts by just acknowledging to ourselves that this is a goal. Because although there will be new things to stress about and there will be demands made on us and there will, sadly, be more tragedies around the world, we can also remember what it felt like to feel recharged. We can remember, consciously, to breathe.

Wishing you all a 2013 filled with deep and boundless breaths!

Author: Melissa