Shabbat Greetings from Cantor Margot Goldberg

CANTOR MARGOT GOLDBERGShabbat Shalom!  As I left TBA this week after Choir rehearsal and the Ritual committee meeting I was struck by the night sky and the full moon.  It was beautiful each night, first surrounded by clouds and then as they moved off just the bright white moon in the pitch black sky.  A full moon during the month of Elul means that the High Holydays are not far off and while there is still much to do to prepare I am looking forward to welcoming you all as we join together in prayer, song, and teshuvah, the process of turning to each other and to God to ask for forgiveness.  In preparation and study I am reading several Elul blogs.  “Jewels of Elul” is produced by Craig Taubman, a fantastic musician, a sweet singer of Israel, and an inspiring community organizer.  Each year he assembles a diverse group of writers to share a daily story, text, or inspirational thought on a particular subject that will prepare us for teshuvah.

This year’s theme is “Welcoming”.  In his introductory note Craig wrote:

This is the art of welcoming: being open as well as extending invitations. Welcoming brings ease – makes people feel wanted and accepted. It allows us to sanctify a moment, cherish a relationship, receive and embrace.  (Jewels of Elul)

TBA’s doors are open, you are invited, and I hope that it is with ease that you will join us as we come together as a community to pray, to sing, to be together, and to turn to one another as friends and family do to look for support, understanding, and peace.  As we begin a new year together I hope that you will look to TBA and our fantastic community as a place where you are always welcome!



Cantor Margot E. B. Goldberg

Author: Melissa