Shabbat Greetings from Cantor Margot Goldberg – Friday, May 2, 2014

Cantor-MargotShabbat shalom!  Spring is trying desperately to spring and with it comes the season for celebrations.  Join us at 7:00pm tonight for Family Shabbat Services including our High School graduation and moving up ceremony.  We say all the time that TBA is about lifelong learning and this evening we will honor our students who have chosen to continue their Judaic studies as we ceremoniously link them to our Chain of Tradition during a beautiful ring ceremony.  Several years ago Rabbi Holtz, Pam Barkley, and I created our High School graduation ceremony to include all of our High School students and to encourage our younger students to continue to learn about their heritage.  The ring that our graduates “received” when they were in 7th grade has been inscribed with their names and graduation date and we look forward to linking it with rings of past graduating classes all attached to our founders ring.  Our 8th-11th graders will once again be presented with the ring that awaits their names as they reaffirm their commitment to their Jewish studies and our 7th graders will be presented with their ring for the first time.  We are very proud of all our students and hope that you will join us to congratulate our graduates:

Emily Carter

Maxwell Freiman

Rebecca Hershman

Jack Nienaltow

Aram Peers

Hannah Prince

Madison Rifkin

Tess Weitzner

Rachel Zive

Then on Saturday night the celebration continues as we come together as a community at our annual fundraiser in honor of Pam.  If you haven’t yet RSVP’d please feel free to click here and make your reservation or just arrive at Vintage Saturday night at 7:30pm and register at the door.

The season has begun and I look forward to celebrating all of our simchas together as a community!

Shabbat shalom,

Cantor Margot

Author: Melissa