Introduction to Judaism

A Nine-Part Weekly Series Led by Rabbis From Throughout the Region

Tuesdays, 7-8:30pm

Date Subject
3/31/2020 An Overview of Jewish History
4/7/2020 Jewish Calendar: Shabbat and Holidays
4/14/2020 The Jewish Lifecycle: Circumcision (Brit Milah) /Marriage/Divorce/Birth/Conversion
4/21/2020 Anti-Semitism, The Holocaust and Its Implications
4/28/2020 My Heart Turns to the East: Israel and Jerusalem
5/5/2020 Heaven, Hell, the Afterlife, Divine Judgment
5/12/2020 The Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) and Rabbinic Literature
5/19/2020 The Prayerbook (Siddur) and Public and Private Prayer
5/26/2020 Diverse Opinions Around a Single God

Each session is based upon a chapter in Stephen Wylen’s “Settings of Silver: An Introduction to Judaism”.  Purchase or download to Kindle in advance 

You may attend as many of the sessions as you choose as each stands alone.  No prior knowledge is necessary, just a willingness to learn.

Join us on Zoom through this link beginning Tuesday, March 31 and Each Tuesday Night Through May 26th.  

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The Westchester Jewish Council
The Westchester Board of Rabbis
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