All in-person (non B’nei Mitzvah) services and meetings have moved online. The schedule of online events is continually being updated, so check back here regularly.

A Message from Rabbi David K. Holtz:

Dear TBA Families,

While we ate matzah, digging and demolition have continued apace. This photo is taken from what used to be the coat room, through what used to be Classroom 13. The white wall you’re looking at is the left side of the hallway as you’re heading from the lobby to the restrooms. That wall will eventually have a set of double doors leading into the social hall.

Our annual Every1Counts counting of the Omer is under way. One week done, six to go. Enjoy doing your daily mitzvah, and don’t forget to to post your mitzvah HERE. This isn’t a competition (though I’ve heard of a couple of siblings who have challenged one another); it’s an opportunity to inspire others.

This week we commemorate Yom HaShoah with a brief but moving service, a presentation by a survivor, Sidney Zoltak, and then a lighting of memorial candles, all on Wednesday @ 7:30 p.m. (contact the office to register for the Zoom link). It is sad to realize that those of us alive today will be the last ones to hear live eyewitness accounts of the Holocaust. We have an obligation to listen, and continue to tell the story.

Among other things, Yom HaShoah reminds us of a time when so many who could have saved lives chose instead not to do so. How heartening then to see the opposite response in our own day to a deadly pandemic by such a wide variety of folks, some of whom repeatedly put their lives at risk to help people they did not know. These are among the honorees at May’s Heroes and Hope Gala. They chose, as we tell our kids, to be up-standers rather than bystanders. I hope that you will join us virtually to honor these heroes on May 1. If you can’t be with us, please show your thanks for them with a donation.


Rabbi David Holtz

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