High Holydays

2022/5783 High Holyday services
will be Multi-Access

Multi-access services are both in-person and available online.

Services are conducted in both the Reform tradition and the Conservative tradition. At TBA, we know that there are many ways to express one’s Judaism. There are also different ways to worship and celebrate. We offer a variety of prayer services and holiday programs designed to encourage our members to experiment and stretch. We not only have services that speak to adults on their level, but also services aimed at toddlers and school-age children.

We invite all guests (regardless of current or past Temple affiliation) to join us at our High Holyday services. We have a variety of worship experiences and services online as we observe Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and the intervening days*

It is our hope that these High Holydays strengthen our community and provide meaning as we reflect on the year past and the one to come. In the spirit of the Holyday season and to support Temple Beth Abraham’s full array of services and programs – now and throughout the year – we encourage everyone who joins us at the High Holydays to make a contribution.
Thank you and Shana Tova!

Tickets have been mailed out to members who have returned their Master Order Forms and have made their Annual Commitment to TBA.  
If your order form arrived in the office after the mailing deadline, your tickets will be available from our Ushers. Each member must have their own ticket with them at all times. For security purposes, ushers will not be able to admit anyone who does not have a ticket.

Please call the office at (914) 631-1770 for information on joining us for our High Holyday Services. Tickets for Rosh Hashanah are no longer available.
To purchase tickets to attend Yom Kippur Services, please contact us on or after September 28.

ServiceDate and TimeLink to view Live Stream**
Conservative Erev Rosh Hashanah
(Rosh Hashanah Evening)
Sunday, Sept. 25, 6:15pmhttps://tbany.livecontrol.tv/a53eaf73
Reform Erev Rosh Hashanah
(Rosh Hashanah Evening)
Sunday, Sept. 25, 7:30pmhttps://tbany.livecontrol.tv/11aa6498
Conservative Rosh Hashanah Morning,
1st Day
Monday, Sept. 26, 9:00amhttps://tbany.livecontrol.tv/eea86d31
Reform Rosh Hashanah Morning,
1st Day
Monday, Sept. 26, 9:30amhttps://tbany.livecontrol.tv/92c0aa31
Interactive Rosh Hashanah ServiceMonday, Sept. 26, 10:00amIn person only (Ticket required)
Rosh Hashanah Family/Tot Service*
Combined Reform and Conservative Service
Monday, Sept. 26, 3:00pmhttps://tbany.livecontrol.tv/20e06ccf
Tahlich*Monday, Sept. 26, 4:00pmIn person, at Loh Creek
(No ticket required)
Conservative Rosh Hashanah
Morning, 2nd Day*
Tuesday, Sept. 27, 9:00amhttps://tbany.livecontrol.tv/9493def6
Reform Rosh Hashanah
Morning, 2nd Day*
Tuesday, Sept. 27, 9:30amhttps://tbany.livecontrol.tv/43c3f451
Conservative Erev Yom Kippur – Kol Nidrei
Conservative Yom Kippur Evening
Tuesday, Oct. 4, 6:00pmhttps://tbany.livecontrol.tv/9a272d15
Reform Erev Yom Kippur – Kol Nidrei
Reform Yom Kippur Evening
Tuesday, Oct. 4, 7:30pmhttps://tbany.livecontrol.tv/2eb6c7a0
Conservative Yom Kippur Morning
with Yizkor (Remembrance)
Wednesday, Oct. 5, 9:00amhttps://tbany.livecontrol.tv/a1fe04ac
Reform Yom Kippur MorningWednesday, Oct. 5, 9:30amhttps://tbany.livecontrol.tv/7e77ed13
Yom Kippur Conversations & Meditations*
Combined Reform & Conservative Service
Wednesday, Oct. 5, 1:00pmIn person only (Ticket required)
Yom Kippur Family/Tot Service*
Combined Reform and Conservative Service
Wednesday, Oct. 5, 3:00pmhttps://tbany.livecontrol.tv/6e46ddf3
Yom Kippur Healing Service*
Combined Reform & Conservative Service
Wednesday, Oct. 5, 4:00pmhttps://tbany.livecontrol.tv/c1f7b322
Reform Yom Kippur Afternoon Service,
Yizkor (Remembrance) and
Neilah (Concluding) Services*
Wednesday, Oct. 5, 4:45pmhttps://tbany.livecontrol.tv/7c40611a
Conservative Yom Kippur
Neilah (Concluding) Services*
Wednesday, Oct. 5, 5:00pmhttps://tbany.livecontrol.tv/37086104

*While we offer several services that are free and open to the community, for safety and security purposes EVERYONE entering our Temple during the High Holydays will be required to comply with our COVID-19 Protocols and have a ticket or guest pass issued by our office

**Many of these services require a password to view virtually. Passwords are available to those who have registered for virtual services. (Members, please check your email.)

If you need to purchase a ticket to view the virtual services, you may do so HERE.


Cantor Abramson serves as director of the H.L. Miller Cantorial School at the Jewish Theological Seminary. She trains future cantors in prayer and religious leadership and oversees the school’s curriculum development and Israel program. She received undergraduate degrees from the joint program of Columbia University and the Jewish Theological Seminary, earned a Master of Arts degree from Columbia University’s Teachers College and received her cantorial training at JTS.  She received an honorary doctorate from JTS in 2018. Cantor Abramson is a past president of the Cantors Assembly and was the first female president in the Assembly’s history. Before coming to JTS, she served as cantor at the Park Avenue Synagogue and West End Synagogue in Manhattan and Congregation Sons of Israel in Westchester. She has taught at the Abraham Joshua Heschel School in New York and directed the music program at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin and in New England. She has been a cantor/scholar-in-residence in communities throughout the United States

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