Your brick will be placed in the dedicated area at the new entrance of Temple Beth Abraham, a permanent memory of your connection to and support of our synagogue. These red bricks, with black engraved letters, are appropriate to commemorate any occasion:

• The birth of a child,
• Honor or memorialize a loved one,
• B’nei mitzvah/School graduation,
• Weddings and anniversaries,
• Your favorite sports team;
• Or just your continuing support of TBA and the community we are building with this beautiful and accessible new addition.

Planning your family’s brick (or bricks!) is easy and fun. Be creative as you reflect on the scores of ideas and milestones that can be preserved in our brick garden. As you do so, remember that you will also help preserve the future of Temple Beth Abraham, so that your brick and its warm message will live on for generations to come!

The brick program is designed to be affordable and accessible (like our new elevator). Bricks can make the perfect gift! Give yourself and your family the gift of imprinting a place we love with visual reminders that reflect the large and the small events of our daily lives. Let’s work together and make this a wonderful, community-wide effort

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