Bridges Capital and Endowment Fund

Donations to this fund support the Bridges Capital and Endowment Campaign.


Temple Beth Abraham is delighted to receive donations for general operations or to support the funds listed below.

Enter the dollar amount where indicated. You should submit each donation to each fund, then scroll either to the bottom for the link to the “checkout” page, or the “shopping cart” on the upper right. You will be able to request that the donation be listed in memory or honor of someone on the checkout page.

Together we can continue to maintain and build our exceptional variety of daily and special event programs, create innovative new projects and initiatives, further establish our position as a premiere synagogue and plan for tomorrow so that generations to come may experience all that Temple Beth Abraham has to offer.

Below is a list of Temple Beth Abraham’s current funds and a short description of the purpose of each. Feel free to donate by clicking on the fund or send a check to Temple Beth Abraham with the name of the fund on the memo line.   If your donation is in memory or in honor of someone, please indicate the recipient’s name and the name and address of anyone to whom we should send an acknowledgement.  

For donations made to all restricted funds (funds other than general operations), there is a 10% administrative fee (maximum charge: $100).  If you wish to cover the credit card fee so that Temple Beth Abraham gets the full benefit of your donation, please add 3% to your donation.

General Temple Fund

Donations to this fund support TBA’s annual operating budget.


Adult Education Programming

Donations to support classes, guest-speakers, programs and events.


Cantor’s Discretionary Fund

Donations to this fund are used at the discretion of Cantor Margot Goldberg.


Conservative Kiddish Fund

Donations to this fund support Temple Beth Abraham’s Shabbat morning Conservative Kiddush.


Endowment Fund

Donations to this fund build long-term support of Temple Beth Abraham.


Fran Friedman Fund for the Enrichment of Children

Donations to this fund support programs that benefit children.


Hannah T. Levy Fund

Donations to this fund support improvement and maintenance of our sacred chapels and bimas.


Harriet Verter Jewish Education Fund

Donations to this fund provide grants for programs that foster and promote Jewish education run by and/or taking place at Temple Beth Abraham.


Library Fund

Donations to this fund provide books and materials for the TBA Library.


Pincus Fund

Donations to this fund provide scholarships for children to attend TBA’s Religious School.


Prayer Book Fund

Provides funds to purchase new prayer books and repair damaged prayer books


Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

Donations to this fund are used at the discretion of Rabbi David Holtz.


Religious School Fund

Donations to this fund supplement programming and are used to update equipment and furniture in our Religious School.


Teacher Appreciation Fund

Donations to this fund provide our religious school teachers professional development opportunities.


TBA Cares – Caring Committee Fund

Donations are used to supply necessities and meals for member families during shiva.


Tikkun Olam Fund

Donations support TBA’s Tikkun Olam projects, repairing the world.


Torah Restoration Fund

Donations to this fund provide maintenance and repair of TBA’s Torah scrolls.


Youth Group Fund

Donations to this fund support youth group activities.


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