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2012-02-05 Chavurah bowlingChai Chavurah




A chavurah at TBA is a group of Temple members with common interests and/or demographics arranged into groups of 5-9 families. They get together about once a month on their own schedule for activities in or outside of the Temple which are of interest to them.

The Chavurah program now has 35 families involved in 5 ongoing groups:

  • Two family groups and One adult group, which are filled to capacity.
  • One family group that has room for 1-2 more families (kids ages 9-15).
  • One adult group made up of parents of college-aged or just post-college-aged children, which has room for several more parents.

In addition to those groups we are looking specifically for:

  • Single moms with their families to complete a family Chavurah that is nearly ready to launch
  • Single parents interested in an adult group
  • A women’s group (single or not)
  • A men’s group (single or not)
  • Young families with babies or toddlers

All group ideas are welcome. Any group may be formed at any time if there is enough interest.

Please contact the Chavurah Committee at with questions

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