Special Needs Programs

Judaism commands us to teach each child according to his/her own learning style and ability. At Temple Beth Abraham, we are committed to identifying individual pathways that support student learning, growth, and achievement. Our teachers and professional staff design programs with the variety of students needs in mind. Our program includes both push-in and pull-out support, as well as individual, small group, and whole class instruction. We provide both classroom support for a variety of needs, and specialized learning environments for students in need of an individualized program.

  • Our Madregot (Steps) program is a space for student enrichment and support. Students meet regularly or as needed with our Madregot staff, who have specialized training in meeting students’ diverse learning, emotional, and behavioral needs. Lessons and activities are engaging and interactive, and build on students’ areas of strength.
  • TBA teachers have the training, background, and knowledge to develop individualized programs for students as needed. Curriculum can be modified to suit individual student needs.

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