Shabbat Greetings from Cantor Margot Goldberg – May 31, 2013

CANTOR MARGOT GOLDBERGShabbat Shalom!  This week’s Torah portion Sh’lach tells us of the 12 spies sent by God into the Promised Land to check it out before the Israelites entered.  Unfortunately after a 40 day tour of the Promised Land 10 of the spies return with terrifying stories of a land filled with giants and fortified cities that they will never be able to conquer.  The people hear their words and panic and complain to Moses asking why God has brought them to this horrible place.  Upon hearing their complaints and fears God condemns them to wander in the desert for 40 years until their generation dies never seeing/entering the Promised Land.  But what of Joshua and Caleb the remaining 2 spies who return with giant grapes and tales of a land filled with milk and honey?  As I read Rabbi Lisa Edwards’ d’var Torah in 10 Minutes of Torah this week I thought about those of you who have told me that you would love to join us for services more often but your family doesn’t want to come.  Maybe majority shouldn’t always rule.  Sometimes we need to listen to “the small voice within us” that tells us that something will be good for us even if our family can’t see the benefit until they arrive and experience what you are trying to show them.  Like God parenting to this new nation we sometimes need to parent our families towards the things that we know are good for them and that they will like in the end.  So I invite you to enter the land of services, the land of Shabbat with your TBA community, venture into the Sanctuary tonight at 7:30, bring your family along (I promise there will be cookies at the end) and see what we have to offer.  This land is filled with milk and honey in the form of rest, renewal, connecting with family and friends, and exploring what might be a new land and a new tradition.
Cantor Margot

Author: Melissa