Shabbat Greetings from Rabbi David Holtz – July 6

Wherever we have lived throughout our wanderings, Jews have been extraordinarily loyal citizens of our adopted countries.  In part it is to combat the frequent charge of dual-loyalty that followed us from country to country.  But even more it has been out of love and appreciation for our adopted homelands.  The Jewish love affair with America goes all the way back to our arrival in New Amsterdam over 350 years ago.  America has been very good to the Jews.  So it is fitting that we take some time on the Shabbat closest to July 4 to acknowledge all that America has meant to us.  Tonight we will be outdoors, and tomorrow we’ll be in the chapel.  Celebrate Shabbat and America with us!

One other note:  on Sunday I leave for a familiarization tour of Jewish Morocco.  If the hotel wifi works, I hope to post photos and thoughts on the blog at our new website.  Please take a look beginning Monday evening at

Author: Melissa