Shabbat Greetings from Rabbi David Holtz – January 31, 2014

Rabbi HoltzRemember all the hoopla about the Jewish holidays being so incredibly early this past September?  So early that Thanksgiving and Chanukah overlapped?  Have you noticed that Passover this year is fairly late?  Ever wonder how that’s possible?  The answer begins tonight, with the arrival of the month of Adar I. This is the extra or leap month inserted periodically in the Hebrew calendar to keep the holidays in the seasons in which they belong.  The regular month of Adar gets bumped to being Adar II. (Why we don’t make the leap month Adar II is a story for another time).  Tonight we will get to hear the special prayers that are only recited on Rosh Chodesh, and tomorrow morning we will sing Hallel, the psalms of praise.  And, even though Purim won’t be celebrated until Adar II, tonight we still get to observe the ancient rabbinic command, “Be happy, it’s Adar!”  I encourage you all to worship – and be happy – with us this Shabbat!

Author: Melissa